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- EST SINCE 2014 -


What was meant to be a small cafe serving home cooked meals and to delight local populace with an ambience​ that usually could only be experienced at hotels and well established restaurants has indeed welcomed by our patrons. and with their support, we have modestly grown to what is it today.

It is still far cry from being a fine dining restaurant but we strive to provide the best service with full sincerity to enhance dining experience to the locals and tourists alike. 
Our selections of food placed on the menu are carefully chosen and recipes created are freshly prepared with a concept of home cooked meals.

In serving high quality foods that are freshly sourced, we have to balance ourselves with expensive prices of raw materials and at the same time  making sure customers are fairly charged. This is not an easy task but we have  persevered and pledging to ensure Santai continues to provide affordable foods with service that is improved on daily basis. We continue to learn and deliver the best service and foods to be enjoyed by all.


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